Stitch Job

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1080

"What do you mean Bobo got to him before you did?" Astra asked with alarm. The scientist looked at her with puzzlement. "I meant what I said and I said what I meant, young lady," he answered with conviction. "Bobo is still just a child," he said and patted the towering monster on the arm. Even without a face it seemed to smile. "To him, everything is a toy. And unfortunately, he has a habit of breaking his toys." Astra's face turned white at the thought of what Bobo could have done to poor Fred. The scientist looked back at her and quickly added, "But I fixed him right up. Come, let me show you."

The man turned and headed for the exit, Bobo at his side. Astra quickly followed. They made their way through a wild maze of intersecting hallways; Astra soon lost any notion of where she had started from. But the old man walked them as surely as if they were laid out with signs. Soon they came to a very, very large, iron hinged door. With the push of one finger, the huge, thick, wooden portal swung inward and the threesome stepped into a mad scientist's dream come true.

On a table surrounded by mechanical contraptions and alchemical baths, Fred lay peacefully asleep. But there was definitely something different about him. He was wrapped from chin to toe in black leather bandages, criss-crossed with zippers, metal stitches and a couple of Band-Aids. But what really caught the eye were his hands, or rather, what had replaced his hands. Astra stared in horrified awe at the pair of hideous looking, surgically sharp scissor hands that extended from his leather cuffs.

"The only thing I could save was his head," the scientist murmured, a proud smile on his face as he stared at his creation. "Luckily I had spare parts hanging around to piece him back together. Well...most of the parts anyway."

"But, but, but," Astra stuttered in shock.

"I think I'll call him Frederick Scissorhands," the man said with fatherly love.

Finally, Astra found thoughts her mind could put to words, "But his name is Frederigo."

The scientist glanced at her with irritation, "But Frederick sounds oh so much better. And you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new."

  1. Fred wakes up...

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3/11/1999 7:23:48 PM

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