Astra Is Cursed

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 990

Astra ruefully examined the black symbols on the skin of her arms. She had no idea what phase the moon was now in. And deep underground as she was, she had no way of observing the sky to find out. The next rising of the full moon could be anything from a matter of minutes up to four weeks away. Nor did the knowledge that the scroll had imparted to her include just what change she would undergo or for how long the change would persist. She knew that a wolf was the traditional form, lasting till dawn, but anyone with the power to imbue a scroll with a curse like this might well come up with something more original.

Astra decided:

  1. To carry on with the quest to destroy the dragon.
  2. To try to find her way out of the caverns, and then look for a mage powerful enough to undo the curse.

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3/8/1999 2:30:59 PM

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