A return to the quest, in spite of things

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 991

Astra ascended the hot passageway once again, and found signs left that her compatriots had made camp. She followed them, and sure enough, there they were. Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, with the same odd look of nobility he always bore. It was an almost admirable quality. Under his arm he bore arcane tomes.

"Just some time to study these, and I'll warrant we'll find the cure to the curse upon ye, Lad," he remarked to poor accursed Velus.

Ah, Velus. He had endured so much under the Dragon's spell. It looked as if he had made out well in his mission though, as dry biscuits and stewed meat awaited her, doubtlessly pilfered from the pantries of the minions of the Dragon.

Then, strangely, Velus began to bark at her, and sniff suspiciously at her arms and the arcane sigils there.

  1. Astra tells the truth, of the fact that she is now cursed too
  2. Astra is ashamed and lies, saying she found a spell to give her prowess in battle, and that is the cause of the sigils

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