Looking for a Cure

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1062

As a properly brought up warrior princess, Astra was far too noble to lie about such a thing, especially since her curse might put her companions at risk. She told them what had happened. They commiserated with her, Fred in words and Velus by licking her hand. "With any luck," said Fred, "we can kill two birds with one stone, and find a cure for your curse too in one of these tomes."

Astra and Fred started to leaf through the heavy volumes by the light of Fred's torch. After a while:

  1. They found a possible cure for Astra.
  2. They found a possible cure for Velus.
  3. Astra began to feel strange. Could the full moon be rising outside the caverns?

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3/11/1999 1:33:45 PM

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