The Scroll of Lycaeon

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 987

Astra walked the floor of the cavern to the dais in the center, seeing that there was something upon it. As she approached, she noticed something strange however. Very near to the dais there were some rags. She bent over to examine them and discovered they were the remains of the robes of a man of the cloth. The robes were badly torn, and would not suffice as such ever again, but the scraps were large enough for her to fashion a makeshift tunic and breeches for herself. She could not help but wonder what happened to the monk that had borne them before, though...

Putting such thoughts aside, she strode up to the dais at last. She could tell what was on it now, it was a scroll, ancient and dusty. Carefully she opened it, and was confused by the arcane symbols upon it. She had been trained in the deciphering of such tongues, but this one was unfamiliar. She pondered whether she shouldst summon her compatriots, Lord Frederigo D'honaire and Velus the Accursed.


There was no time.

She had to figure out what was on the scroll, so she figured the mere reading of it aloud would reveal its purpose. Thus she began to chant the incantation. There was a sound of thunder and the cry of something distant as she intoned the syllables, and then she was done.

But something was not right...

Glancing down at her arms, Astra saw what it was. The glyphs that were once on the scroll had transferred onto her flesh, magically. She rubbed, but they would not come off, as if they were tatoos. Then, somehow, instinctually, she knew what the scroll had done...

  1. Astra was now imbued with the collective lore of the Amazons of Lycaeon
  2. Astra was now charged with exacting vengeance for the restless dead of the lost city of Lycaeon
  3. Astra had invoked Lycaeon's curse. She was doomed to change when the moon rose full in the sky

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