Astra's Request

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9725

Fred was utterly shocked by this. "Isn't there any way to lift your curse, my lady?"

"No," she said, sadly. "The curse is almost incurable. Even Belboz isn't able to lift it. The only way to help me, not to mention the people of your kingdom and mine, is to kill me."

Fred put his hand on his sword hilt. He felt sad. He couldn't bear to kill this beautiful woman. And yet, she was the Dragon, and killing the Dragon was exactly what he had come here to do. And death was what the woman had wanted. Fred knew there was only one choice.

  1. With great sadness, Fred plunged the sword into Astra's heart.
  2. Fred suddenly had an idea.
  3. Then, Astra started to turn into the Dragon.
  4. Something utterly unexpected happened.

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