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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 9707

Fred's knightly education, not to mention his own instincts, made it hard for him to think ill of a lady. "Of course I'll help you," he said. "But if you are cursed to be a dragon, then how is it that you are not one now?" "Outside the caverns, the sun must have risen. The curse makes me into a dragon from sunset to sunrise. Of course, down here it's hard to get any idea of time, so I'm never quite sure when I am due to change. Part of the curse is that I may not leave the caves in my human form, though by night as a dragon I may fly out of them so long as I return by dawn. If I am caught above ground at sunrise then I will die. And I will also die if I do not kill and eat one person every night."

That's terrible," said Fred. "But how can I help?"

  1. "If Belboz can be slain, then his curse will die with him."
  2. "Please end my ordeal. Plunge your sword through my heart."
  3. "Help me to force Belboz to lift his curse."

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5/25/2000 1:39:03 PM

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