Lord Fred's Grave

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 901

Not having a shovel or other digging implement, you decide to rip Lord Fred's tombstone and use it as a shovel. You dig and dig and dig. Soon, the tombstone makes a dull sound as it comes into contact with a wooden coffin. You clear the dirt around the coffin and open it.

Inside the coffin, you see...

Nothing! The coffin is empty. How can that be possible? Is Lord Fred really dead?

  1. Dig up Sir Toby's coffin with Lord Fred's tombstone.
  2. Dig up Sir Josh's coffin with Lord Fred's tombstone.
  3. Dig up Sir Paulito's coffin with Lord Fred's tombstone.
  4. Run out of the cave and back to the castle so you can inform the King that Lord Fred's coffin is empty.
  5. Shout "Hey Fred, are you still around?"

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Sir Josh

3/8/1999 6:07:13 PM

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