Sir Fred -- UnDead

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 998

"I'm right here, friend," a voice boomed out from behind you.

Turning, you were delighted to see Sir Fred. You took a deep breath of relief, "When I saw your tombstone, well, I thought..."

Fred smiled, "Now do I look dead to you?" He took a step forward, "Aren't you Sir <insert name here>?"

You grinned, happy that the great Sir Fred recognized you. "Yes. After you and Sir Toby and Sir Josh and Sir Paulito disappeared in the dragon's caves, King Emry sent me to finish the quest. But I can tell you, I'm glad I won't have to do it alone now. And fighting by your side is something I have dreamed of."

"Well, before we begin," Fred said and came closer, "let's shake on this new partnership."

You reached your hand to him and he took it. His grip was strong, but strangely cold. Suddenly he yanked you into him and for the first time you noticed his dark, red eyes and his sharp teeth. Like a child playing with a doll, Fred snapped your neck back and sunk his fangs into your jugular.

'Well this sucks...' you thought as your vision faded and your heart stopped. You dropped to the floor dead. Fred stood over you, his unholy hunger sated. He stared at your body and said, "With a few drops of my demonic blood, I could make you a vampire like me. But the last thing I need is a sidekick. So long sucker."


  1. Fred left the cavern and...

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5/23/1999 2:00:03 PM

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