Schumin's apartment

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 73869

Somehow, Schumin's apartment is bigger on the inside then the outside. Basically it's ten thousand square feet of the most insane opulence this side of Donald Trump's dreams.
"Holy frijoles!" Krissy cries. "The bastard's rich! Why does he even go shopping period?"
Scott, busy shoving diamonds into his pockets, can only shrug. Suddenly, security appears. It is Heck Arthur Parking Brake. "I CAN COUNT TO DEAD!" he screams and fires his machine gun into the floor.

  1. The ricochets kill Heck.
  2. A chunk of pure Albanian marble pierces Krissy's chest, right between her magnificent tatas, killing her instantly.
  3. The installers had cheaped out. The floor crumbles and Heck falls thirty feet onto a pool table.
  4. Ben Schumin returns, his camera filled with photos of telephone wires and rusty Yield signs.
  5. Batman shows up and does the Bat-Watusi.

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10/5/2010 6:12:43 AM

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