Dead Heck

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 90020

Schumin's security officer, Heck, is dead, after firing a machine gun into the reinforced floor joints. All thirty bullets had bopped right back up and basically turned his body into a pile of bloody goo.
"Holy titballs!" screams Krissy. "Let's get out of here!" They both run in place for three seconds, then whirl and flee. Inside of a minute they are back in Scott's apartment and shaking in fear.
"Should we call the cops?" says Scott.
"No! We broke in!"
But it is too late. Due to an illegal webcam Josh installed in the hallway, Scott can see that police officers, four of them, have entered Schumin's apartment.

  1. All four take like a hundred pictures apiece and blog about it.
  2. Monkeys eat them. It's horrible.
  3. Two minutes later, Krissy and Scott are under arrest.
  4. The 'trauma' of Heck causing his own death has really turned Krissy on.
  5. Beth McCart appears from another thread. She's married to Josh but looking to cheat with Krissy.
  6. Furry Sara just rushes in and punches the hell out of everything with Energy Gauntlets.

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