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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 67472

"I've got a question, Larry," you say.
"Git-r-done! Whaddya wanna know?" replies Larry the Cable Guy.
"Why did you eat Jeff Foxworthy?"
"I never done ate that fella!"
"That's not what I've heard, Larry!"
"Well, there was that thar night that we got pretty drunk after a show, and then we might've fooled around underneath that table at the Waffle House at four in the morning, but I never done ate Jeff Foxworthy!"

You sigh. Gerbil looks utterly confused.

"Larry, either own up to eating Jeff Foxworthy, or I'm gonna kill myself!"

  1. You're dead within the next two minutes.
  2. Larry 'fesses up.
  3. Jeff Foxworthy, looking fit and happy, enters the room.
  4. Gerbil quickly says "He ate him, now let it go!" From there, the three of you move onto the next episode...

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Ben McClellan

5/10/2007 9:17:14 PM

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