The Never Ending Quest - Episode 67527

Because Larry wouldn't confess, you have swallowed an entire bottle of cyanide. Gerbil, insane from pain and his wounds, punches Larry seventeen times in the crotch, runs away, finds himself in your house again and drinks Vodka until the pain stops. Then he is picked up by Govermental forces, who had kept track of Larry for Larry's abillity to detect zombies.
Gerbil is treated by several prominent plastic surgeons. Sadly, Gerbil is one of the few who gets medical care for free, simply because he can detect zombies. Everyone else in the US of A is boned, like usual.
Anywho, forget him. What happened to your body?

  1. It is buried in your family's personal graveyard, in Stratford on Avon in England.
  2. Left to rot where it lay.
  3. According to your will, Gerbil spreads your ashes over the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately he's knacked on painkillers and throws the jar through a plate glass window, hitting an abusive nun in the buttocks.
  4. You rise as a zombie and spear head an attack on Metropolis, Indiana.

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5/11/2007 8:47:28 AM

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