Miranda Rights (Oops, wrong game)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4980

Scott and Sir Seeker step out of the box and back into the caves of the Never Ending Quest. "Geeze, what was that?" Scott asks, rubbing his head.

"I don't know," Sir Seeker says, blinking. "I think it was the space between the games. Maybe we had to pass through Lots42's brain."

"Ugh... it was wierd..." Scott says.

"Yeah," Sir Seeker says, "but so is Lots."

Scott looks around. "Where are we?"

"We're in the Southern Caves in the Never Ending Quest," Sir Seeker says. "They're a big maze of caves, with dragons and wizards and that sort of thing. Real fantasy stuff."

Scott steps forward into the shadows, then jumps back, a horrible look on his face. "Augh! They're dead!"

"Oh, yeah," Sir Seeker says. "Lots and Sir Fred. Long story."

Suddenly they hear voices down the corridor, and they see men striding rapidly on them from both sides. "You!" yells the leader. "Halt!"

The men reach Scott and Sir Seeker, grab them by the arms, and handcuff them.

"Aha!" the leader says. "Finally, we've caught you."

"Who are you?" Scott asks.

"We're the Continuity Police, and we're in change of upholding the integrity of the Never Ending Quest." The leader pokes his finger into Scott's chest. "You, sir, are in violation of code 78B form A line 3, 'Thou shalt not enter any game other than thine own.'"

"But you entered my game all the time!" Scott says.

"I did nothing of the sort," the man says. He glances at the other men. "Guards, take them away!"

"Wait!" Sir Seeker shouts. "Take us where?"

"To be tried before the High Council of Extend-a-Story Authors," the man says.

"Wait!" Sir Seeker says. "Don't we get a chance to defend ourselves?"

"Oh, my, no," the man says. "You are your psychotic friend Lots42 are going to be tried to the fullest extent of the law."

"Wait, Lots it alive?" Sir Seeker says.

"Yes," the man says. "He's waiting in the courtroom to be tried with the two of you."

"For what?" Scott asks.

"For going on a psychotic rampage," the man says.

"But those are two different crimes!" Sir Seeker says.

"Yes," the man says, "but we have reason to believe that the two are related. Now, are you two going two come along peacefully?"

  1. Of course they do.
  2. Of course they don't.
  3. Before they can respond, you pop out of the box.
  4. BEfore they can respond, there's a horrific roar from deeper in the caves.
  5. Before they can respond, Lots42 runs by, screaming and tearing at his hear.

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The Seeker (Sorry, Lots.)

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