Scott and Sir Seeker

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4977

Wait! What happened to Scott and Sir Seeker?

They used the box to transport Scott back to Never Ending Quest.

Well, duh. I wanted to see what happens to them after they get back to Never Ending Quest.

Well, you should have continued one of the OTHER episodes then.

Uh....shoot. God, I feel dumb.

That's okay. It could have happened to anyone.

Cool. One more question before we get back to the story?


Who are we?

Metaphorical constructs of Lots42's mind.

Cool! Want to take over his head and send him on a psychotic rampage?

  1. Stop being silly and let's get back to Sir Seeker and Scott.
  2. Okay!
  3. Actually, both of these metaphical concepts are arrested by the story cops and put on trial.

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10/15/1999 12:42:32 AM

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