The Metamorphisis

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 479

Fred greedly slurped up the contents of the cauldron. "This is good stuff!" Suddenly, he felt his whole body growing bigger. "Hey, uh-oh!" he cried. His skin turned into scales, and turned greenish in color. Soon the transformation was complete.

Fred walked over to the sea and gazed at his reflection. Now he was a dragon!

  1. Fred continues on his quest to kill the evil Dragon.
  2. Fred seeks a female dragon.
  3. Fred torments the people, burns the fields, and takes the children.
  4. Fred asks the hag for an antidote.
  5. Fred is hunted by Sir Toby, the Left-Handed.
  6. Fred is hunted by Sir Josh, the Computer Geek.
  7. Fred is hunted by Sir Paulito, the Hipster Doofus.
  8. Fred is hunted by Princess Exotica.
  9. Fred is hunted by Astra, Warrior Princess.
  10. Fred is hunted by Velus, Teen Dog.

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