Duty Now for the Future

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 513

Fred quickly succumbs to the primal nature of a dragon, and quickly embarks on a reign of terror, scorching the fields, eating the remaining crops, terrorizing the locals, and kidnapping the children.

However, Fred the dragon still retains a degree of humanity, and he decides not to harm the children he has taken captive. Besides, the idea of raising children to be his personal army sounds like a nice one.

Weeks later, Fred the dragon is confounded when he encounters...his human form?!

Yes, Lord Fred has apparently returned, and his goal is to kill the monster he has become...or became. We're not exactly sure what's going on here. Still, it should be fairly interesting.

  1. Lord Fred slays Fred the dragon.
  2. Fred the dragon kills Lord Fred.
  3. Backstory of the second Lord Fred: a clone created by the reclusive wizard in the mountains.
  4. Backstory of the second Lord Fred: alternate version from a different timeline.
  5. Okay, let's start over...

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Ben McClellan

10/12/2010 10:42:05 PM

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