L.E. to the Rescue

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 448

L.E. re-oriented himself,back in his own body,and picked up the bunny Josh."This is confusing...is this actually happening to us in the Sir Toby story's reality,or is it the story-within-a-story of a CDROM game you're playing?"

He could not read the bunny's reaction,and continued."This place is crazy,I am SO used to Cancel coming before Accept that I spend half my time rewriting here.Did you ever pick up on that Casino-Bunnies cue I wrote into Gav & Peloso's?"

He gave up trying to understand Bunny-Josh's expressions and continued along until he met another character from the Casino Bunnies plot...

  1. The beautiful blonde in the sexy purple dress from the Mary Sue Escort Service.
  2. Amanda,the gorgeous redheaded showgirl.
  3. Aaron,the mischievous boy.
  4. Humdini the magician.

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L.E.(who hopes all who continue have read Addventure Game 2 episode 76114 and descendants)

2/16/1999 9:18:33 PM

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