Out of the bunny's body, at last.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 446

Sir Josh could do nothing but munch on a carrot and wait in the locked cage in the darkness near the dimly-lit concrete path until he could get out of the cage.

After a long, long period of time, a man could be heard coming down the concrete path. Sir Josh rustles the paper at the bottom of the cage. The man lights a torch and sees Sir Josh.

"What a beautiful bunny." says the man. He opens the cage and picks up Sir Josh and gently stroke his back. Sir Josh was feeling quite content to be stroked, but he really wanted to be back in his own body. He wonders what the imposter is doing with his body.

"So cute, you are." says the man and he kisses the bunny.

Sir Josh finds himself controlling the strange man's body and is well aware that the man is in the bunny's body. "Who is this man?" wonders Sir Josh. He pulls out the wallet and checks the driver's license. Louis Epstein. Sir Josh slaps himself on the forehead and says "Oh, no, the famous L.E is now in the bunny's body and I am in his body!"

And of course, L.E. realizes his own mistake, after all, he is the other main author of the Addventure Casino Bunny thread.

  1. Sir Josh informs L.E. the bunny that he is really Josh and he is kind and kisses the bunny to give L..E. his own body back and hopes that L.E. will help him.
  2. Sir Josh carries L.E. the bunny out of the cave and plans to find the imposter using Sir Josh's body.

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Sir Josh

2/16/1999 8:09:31 PM

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