Sir Josh the bunny!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 445

One kiss is all it takes to have Sir Josh enter the bunny's body and whoever was in the bunny's body to enter Sir Josh's body.

Sir Josh realizes that he should have known not to kiss the bunny - he was one of the two main authors dealing with the Addventure Casino Bunny where one kiss is all it takes to enter the bunny body and whoever was in the bunny body to enter the new human host. Sir Josh is fuming mad.

In the meantime, the imposter in Sir Josh's body (otherwise known as the body-snatcher) puts Sir Josh, the bunny into the cage and makes sure that the cage is locked. Then the body-snatcher heads to the cave entrance.

Should the story...

  1. Stay with Sir Josh, the bunny?
  2. Follow the body-snatcher in Sir Josh's body?

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Josh Bieber

2/16/1999 7:57:35 PM

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