Aaron, the mischeivous six-year old boy.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 454

"Hello, Aaron," says L.E. "I believe you know me, I am L.E."

"Oh, it's you and the bunny!" says Aaron. He kicks L.E. hard in his left shin. L.E. screams in pain, drops Josh the bunny and hops around on his right foot clutching the left foot with both hands. Aaron snaps "How dare you make me do such a yucky thing such as kiss the bunny?" He then kicks L.E. in the right shin and says "And have that guard kick my body out of the casino like that?" And punches him in the tummy causing L.E. to double over. "And to make me smoke cigarettes? A six year old smoking cigarettes?"

L.E. decides that this boy is really mischeivous (after all he did create him) and...

  1. Grabs Aaron, pull down his pants and gives him a spanking.
  2. Forces Aaron to kiss the bunny.
  3. Picks up the bunny and limps away as fast as he can.

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Josh Bieber

2/20/1999 7:56:23 PM

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