Hallucination Horrors

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 793

After taking all of the physical abuse from Aaron that he could take, L.E. lets out an unworldly scream and angrily shoves Aaron hard into the nearest chair. Carefully picking up Josh the bunny, L.E. walks over to Aaron and grabs him by the hair. Jerking the boy's head up so he sees nothing but L.E's angry face, he growls "You're going to kiss this bunny, Aaron."

"I don't wanna!" whines Aaron. "It's gross!"
"Kiss the bunny, brat!"
"Nooooo! Don't make me kiss it!"
"You aren't leaving this room until you kiss the goddamn bunny!!"
"Aaron, I'm not going to ask you again! Kiss the fucking bunny!"
"Stop swearing!!" sobs Aaron.
"Goddamn it, you bastard, KISS THE MOTHERFUCKING BUNNY!! NOW!!"
"I don't wanna KISS THE BUNNY! You're MEAN!!"

Just in the nick of time, Josh Burbank walks into the room carrying a bucket of water. He quickly douses L.E. with the cold water, sending the bunny running for cover, while also giving Aaron a chance to escape the room. "Well now," Josh says with a big smile on his face. "Looks like somebody needed to calm down a little, didn't they?"

  1. Okay, enough.
  2. L.E. picks up the nearest blunt object and chases Josh Burbank around.
  3. Aaron sneaks back to rescue Josh the bunny when L.E. is distracted.
  4. Josh and L.E. fight.
  5. Scott Childers comes in and soaks Josh with a bucket of water.

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