A bill for services

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 452

"Hello." says L.E. to the blonde in the purple dress. "Let me guess, might you be an escort from Mary Sue?"

"I am indeed." replies the escort. "And who might you be?"

"I am known as L.E. baby." comes the reply.

"Aaah, on behalf of Mary Sue, I have been asked to give you this." says the escort, handing L.E. a piece of paper.

L.E. looks at the paper which says:

Mary Sue Escort Service,
Stunning Companions For The Discerning Gentleman

Bill for services rendered starting July 30, 1996 as described in Addventure episode 83906 running for 34 episodes at $249.95 per episode for a grand total of $8498.30.

Bill is over two year overdue, charged at 18 percent annual interest per year for a total of $11833.03. This amount is due immediately.

"Huh?" says L.E., surprised at the invoice.

  1. The escort says "Please pay up immediately!"
  2. The escort says "Feel free to split the bill with Josh Bieber."
  3. The escort gets behind L. E., rubs his shoulders and as she unbuttons L.E.'s shirt says "I would also love your company in bed."
  4. The escort says "You know where to find me." and she disappears.

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Josh Bieber

2/18/1999 5:13:40 PM

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