Astra's Assasination Attempt

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42055

The enraged Astra cut Fred's throat. Then she (or at least her severed head) stared at him in astonishment, for his throat showed no sign of the mortal wound which she was sure that she had inflicted.

"You can't hurt anyone in the afterlife," Fred explained, "Well, not physically, anyway. But my feelings are deeply hurt, that my one true love should try to kill me. All right, rationally I known that - just as I am not your Fred - you are not my Astra. But somehow that doesn't seem to help much."

Astra, dagger in her right hand and head under her left arm, said: "Not being able to kill you doesn't help me much, if it's any consolation. I was so surprised, I almost dropped my head."

"Well, to business," Fred said. "About your reincarnation...

  1. "I don't have any say in what your new life will be like."
  2. "In spite of everything, I still love you, so I will try to ensure that your new life is a good one."
  3. "Since you tried to kill me, I'm going to make sure that you have a hard time of it in your new life."
  4. "I'm afraid that, because you committed the grievous sin of trying to kill me, you no longer qualify for reincarnation. Instead you must go to Hell. Go directly to Hell. Do not collect a new life."

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