The best deal we can offer

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42123

"Really?" said Astra in excitement.

"Of course! Now, we can only reincarnate you as a non-magical creature, so the best deal we can offer is to reincarnate you as a human."

"A human?" repeted Astra

"Well, if you don't like that, the other options are: a fungus, a vixen, a bitch..."

"Stop! Stop! Human is fine."

"You sure? because I can keep on reading the list..."

"No, seriously, it's fine."

"Okay, Astra; are you ready to return to Earth?"

"Yes. Oh, one last thing Fred."


"Thank you."

There was a blinding light, which engulfed Astra, and she begun towards her new form; but who, and where, was this new form?

  1. Astra finds herself in a classroom

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