A sense of proportion

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88650

The white light was blinding; it engulfed her! She felt a sort of gust, but could not tell what it was.

Then there came this strange feeling; something was hapening to her arms! They no longer hung by her thighs, but were getting shorter, receding towards her waist. The strange thig is, she didn't feel any change in her arms themselves, only in how they scraped against her sides. The other notable change came from her hips, which stopped pushing her arms out, as if it were shrinking! Her arms could now lie flat against her body for their full extent.

Finally, as the gust came to a stop, she felt something push against her legs: a dress! But what was pushing the dress? She couldn't move! she couldn't turn! she couldn't see!

When the light cleared away, she found herself in a familiar room. The ceiling was much higher than she remembered it, and the walls seemed much further away. On one of the walls, there was a clean and pristine blackboard (which was wierd, she remembered a chipped blackboard). She looked down, curious to see what had pushed her legs, and saw that she was seated at a desk.

But what was this? The desk appeard to be not even three feet off the ground! And yet she felt that her legs were hanging off the chair, not reaching the ground. Was she over some sort of pit? She tried to step onto the ground she could see, but when she went to push herself away from the desk, she noticed her hands. Gone were the long, thin fingers she remembered, and in their place were much shorter ones, that were much fatter and rounder, but not to the point of being stubby.

She curled those fingers around the edge of the desk, and pushed herself out of the chair. She was falling! "Breathe, Astra, you only fell an inch," she thought to herself. Of course she had to fall, if her legs had been dangling from the chair! The chair? She turned around; it looked like a huge construct that stood at the height of her waist.

She then looked at her waist, at her body, at her dress...

  1. ...and recognized everything. She was herself as a child!
  2. ...but was unable to recognize herself. Who was this girl she had reincarnated into?

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