Astra Gets A-Head in Heaven

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42053

Fred was quite pleased to see none other than his one true love (well, in some threads) Princess Astra, although he was less pleased to see that she had been beheaded and was carrying her own severed head.

"Astra! It's good to see you again," said Fred. "I'm, er, sorry about what happened." He looks through the book. "It says here that you're supposed to be reincarnated. I hope things go better for you in your next l--"

Astra was enraged. She pulled out a dagger and lunged at Fred's throat. "You were the one who killed me, you idiot! You betrayed me to Governor Gilder and he beheaded me!" [22220]

"Um, well," said Fred. Astra's dagger was pressing into his throat. "That wasn't me. Well, at least not this me. You know about alternative universes? Several different versions of me ended up here, and it's hard to remember which one I am sometimes. But I don't remember doing anything like that to you."

  1. Fred successfully convinces Astra that he is not the Fred who betrayed her.
  2. Fred does not convince Astra, and she tries to kill him, even though they're in the afterlife.

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