Amy-Locks & the Three Bears

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 36491

The raptor was no match for all three bears, and for the next week the cottage was filled with the smell of various dinosaur delicacies: raptor roast, raptor pot pie, raptor etouffee.

Amy spent that week sitting in a cage in the living room, being fattened up. Each morning, Mama Bear brought her a different greasy, decadent meal. At first, Amy resisted, but then the bears threatened to eat her raw, right then and there, and she was convinced to go along with their plan.

On the second day of her confinement, she noticed, with a great deal of surprise, that there was a medical textbook on one of the bookshelves. Baby Bear carried it over to her, and she was astonished to find that it was the exact same book, down to the edition, that was currently being used in her school. Even more astonishing was the inscription on the inside cover: "This book belongs to Liza Maddox"!

Liza Maddox! Amy shuddered in disgust. Liza was her sworn enemy in med school, the over-achiever bent on finishing at the top of her class. What was Liza's book doing here in the bears' cottage?

Amy asked Mama Bear as she boiled the meat off a raptor fore-arm. "That book? Oh, it belonged to that nice blond girl who came to visit us."

"Was she tall & lanky & blue-eyed, with hair down to her waist?"

"That would be her," answered Mama Bear. "Or, at least, that was her when we first met. After a couple of weeks in the pen, she wasn't so lanky anymore."

"That girl had delicious drumsticks," piped in Baby Bear.

"Weren't they, dear? And she made an awful good rump roast. You know, I think she left behind a whole backpack of supplies."

Amy was filled with a mix of enthusiasm and revulsion at the fate of her rival. She was more excited, though, by Liza's backpack, which Baby Bear brought to her. After unzipping it and emptying its pockets, Amy found that she had:

-one pair of scissors,

-a moldy ham sandwich,

-a notebook filled with jottings about the lymphatic system,

-an assortment of highlighters,

-a plastic water bottle, and

-a pack of cigarettes.

Over the next week, as the bears ran out of raptor meat and Amy gained a few pounds, the med student spent her time ...

  1. ... concocting an escape plan.
  2. ... studying for that damn test. With Liza out of the picture, Amy could claw her way to the top of the class.

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