A Dream Deferred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 36643

The great day had finally arrived. The auditorium was filled with general practitioners and specialists of every stripe, humming with guarded whispers as the Dean of Medical Faculties took the stage and began to speak.

"It is my great honor," he began, "to introduce to you the finest student this institution has seen in the fifty plus years that I've been affiliated with it. Not only has she scored higher than any of her contemporaries on all the tests we've administered," - here he turns with an aside to one of his colleagues, "and especially on that test on the lymphatic system," - "but she has also demonstrated admirably that her knowledge on many issues of bacteriological control is far superior to that of our own faculty. Ladies and gentlemen, it is with the greatest pride that I introduce to you the Leader of this Class, Miss Amy Gupta..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

... Miss Amy Gupta, Miss Amy Gupta, Miss Amy Gupta... She was mouthing it now to herself, as she drifted out of consciousness in the large stewpot that Mama Bear had transferred her to. As Mama Bear ladeled same gravy over Amy's shoulders, she thought with satisfaction about what a willing captive this one had been, feeding happily on the cookies and brownies that Baby Bear brought to her every morning. She spent all of her time poring over that strange book, reciting meaningless words, and keeping that sharp focused look in her eyes. No matter - she might be crazy, but she'd plumped up nicely, and she was going to make a nice roast regardless of how defective her brain might be.

  1. After the Three Bears pick Amy's bones clean, her karmic residue ascends up to Xanadu.

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