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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3460

Lord Fred decides the best strategy will be to observe as much as possible. He looks around the cavern, searching for things he missed. He finds three things of interest. One is hiding in the shadows, a small golden cat with eyes of ruby and six colored jewels down its tail. Another is that directly under the hovering giant ruby is a handle, which almost appears to be a lever of some kind. The final thing that Lord Fred finds is a spider web on the ceiling. Its threads appear to be spun of silver, and a most regal looking black spider sits in the middle of the web. What does Fred do now?

  1. Pick up and study the golden cat
  2. Pull on the handle beneath the ruby
  3. Inspect the spider web
  4. Go down the path towards the green light
  5. Go down the path towards the blue light
  6. Sit and ponder

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