The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3459

Lord Fred regards the stranded maiden with an air of sadness, and looks towards the two other caverns. Oooh! Blue! Pretty pretty pretty! Lord Fred hypnotically walks towards the radiant blue light, dazzled by the pretty colors.

Fred enters the glowing blue cavern to find a huge blue stone floating in the middle of the room, just like the one before. Inside this stone another maiden is trappped. Her eyes are closed and she wears an expression of serene dreamless sleep.

Behind the maiden another cavern opens up, and from it emanates a warm orange glow. What does Fred do?

  1. Fred attempts to wake the sleeping blue beauty
  2. Fred presses on towards the orange light
  3. Fred goes back to the red room
  4. Fred takes a closer look at this dazzling blue room

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