Pull the handle

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3476

Fred pulls the handle. There is a rumbling, then a flash of light.
Fred sees a newcomer standing in the shadows. It is ten feet tall, armored in smooth white plates with yellow stripes at the joints and on it's sides. They were horizontal and all swept backwards in dramatic lines, giving the impression it was moving. The creature had a band of black metal for eyes, a curved, fang snout for a mouth and claws on all four limbs. The claws were purest silver and glinted constantly, without any source of light.
"Greetings." rumbled the newcomer in an aesexual voice. "I am Serkavon. Are you my master?"

  1. Say yes.
  2. Say no.
  3. Say "I do not know."
  4. Run!
  5. Pull the handle again.
  6. Charge into battle.

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