Green is purdy!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3458

Lord Fred marvels at this fair maiden encased in solid translucent red stone. How did this happen? He has to find out more.

He follows the corridor towards the green light and finds, as he expected, another huge stone. This one is an emerald, and inside, wearing the most horrible pained expression, is a fair young warrior lad. Who has done this to these people? Behind the lad, two more caverns open up. One leads to a bright yellow light, and another two a dull purple glow. Lord Fred is faced with another descision.

  1. He attempts to free the poor lad
  2. He strikes out towards the yellow glow
  3. He heads for the purple glow
  4. He goes back to the red room
  5. He takes a closer look at the room that he is in

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