Can't We Just be Friends?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3301

Fredrigo D'Honaire looked over his spell book. He had borrowed it from his brother, Jarlath. He didn't know very well how to pronounce the strange symbols in the book, but Jarlath had taught him a little, enough to cast a simple spell. So Fred picked the spell to pacify powerful magical creatures. He began to recite: "Benatlur ronabo oaneor oaudr oasr qnrjeoi jore..."

The Dragon froze in place.

"Joarenq oqurn ozur uqord lz;xdrio..." Pronouncing the semicolon was a particularly big pain in the butt, but he managed. The Dragon sat down.

Now came the most important part of the spell. Fred would finish the spell, and speak the name of the creature.

"Vaorjekn aorhnr oawio DAGON!"

Then, Fred realized that he had said "Dagon" when he meant to say "Dragon!" But it was too late. The spell had been miscast... Fred fell through the floor and found himself...

  1. Elsewhere in the Dragon's caves.
  2. In the King's throne room.
  3. In Astra's bedroom.
  4. At a Star Trek convention in Indianapolis.

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Time Warrior (Britney would love you a lot more if you could spell better, Jason and Shane)

5/9/2000 11:21:41 AM

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