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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 918

The cow suddenly swoops down next to him. He is very frightened, so he sees if the cow is good or evil. So Fred asks the cow: "Who is your master?" The cow says: "I do not have one, and I will be your partner and I will help you on your quest to slay the dragon." Fred gasps and asks how it knows what he is on his quest for. The cow says: "I've been watching over you." With a blink of an eye, the cow suddenly changes into the dragon. Fred quickly pulls out his magic book of spells. But what spell shall he choose?????????????????

  1. He slays the dragon.
  2. He asks the dagon to be friends.
  3. He runs like hell from the dragon.

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jason and shane we love you brittney

8/2/1999 1:07:48 AM

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