The Never Ending Quest - Episode 32333

One of the story cops takes out a device with a button on it. He presses the button and a portal appears. The cops drag Fred through the portal which then disappears.

They appear in front of a imposing white stone building. Above the main entrance, there is a large sign.

"Re- Conditioning Center"

This is the place where Extend-A-Story characters are taken to when their minds have been warped by certain Authors. It is situated in the In-between Storyline Realm from Episode 490, except instead of appearing in someone else's story, Lord Fred will get the chance to restart at certain points in his quest.

As they go through the double doors, the Receptionist gasps in shock. "No, not Lord Fred! I'd never thought I'd see you here." Fred says nothing as they go past.

Eventually they get to a door with the words "Re-Con Room One" above it, along with a red and a green light. The green light is currently on.

The walls are a bright, almost blinding white. The room is not that large, say 10 metres by 10 metres. To the left as you enter, there is a booth in which a Man in a White Coat (MiaWC) is waiting patiently. In the centre of the room is a chair, also white. It has restraints for both arms and legs plus a bowl-like helmet with a lot of wires attached.

The cops strap Fred in the chair and place the device on his head before hurriedly leaving the room.

The MiaWC presses a few buttons. The bowl-like helmet hums, whirrs, clicks and makes a lot of other strange noises.

After a few minutes the ordeal is over. Instead of the cops reappearing, the MiaWC leaves his booth and takes the helmet off and loosens the straps. Fred is in no condition to do anything but listen as the MiaWC speaks

"Now Lord Fred. You now have the opportunity to return to your quest at a particular point. Choose one out of these...

  1. Go right back to the beginning."
  2. Freeing Princess Astra."
  3. Meeting St Peter in Heaven."
  4. Meeting Alicia."

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