The stronger metal

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 41

The chains that held the maden were created with magic, and so were no match for the honest steal of Lord Fred's blade. As he struck each binding, it crumpled to dust, and soon the warrior princess was free.

Fred averted his eyes from the site of her glory, and serched in his pack for any item to clothe her. But a knight heading into combat must travel light, so all he had for her were a few strips of cloth that were intended as bandages.

  1. The warrior princess took the bandages and fashoned herself a crude covering.
  2. She refuses the bandages, because of her curse.
  3. The dog grabs the bandages out of her hands, wanting to keep a good thing going.
  4. She starts to kiss him.

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Allan G. Reilly

2/13/1999 1:00:18 PM

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