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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 46

Apparently a teenage boy still only has one thing on his mind, ogling naked women, even after being turned into a dog. Velus ran off with the bandages, and returned a minute or so later, presumably having dropped them where they were unlikely to be found. He was wagging his tail and looking very pleased with himself. Fred apologised.

"Well, it wasn't your fault," said the princess. "And anyway the bandages wouldn't have covered very much. Actually, I'm not that worried about my lack of clothes, but I do wish I had my sword back. By the way, I'm Princess Astra." Fred bowed and kissed her hand. "You outrank me, Your Highness," he said. "I am Duke Fred. And this dog was a boy called Velus, before the dragon changed him."

  1. They headed deeper into the caves in search of the dragon.
  2. Since she outranked Fred, the princess said that he should give her his sword.
  3. Fred comes under the power of a mighty spell.
  4. Picked up.....

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2/13/1999 2:15:37 PM

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