You're Under Arrest!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10890

Although it is a mortal sin, Fred decided to do it anyway, to scare the gremlins off his equipment. So he did it, trying not to enjoy it too much.

Fred suddenly feelt a hand on his back. He turned around, (odd, considering that the gremlins just ate his legs) and saw a man in a police uniform with a stern look on his face. A story cop. Oh no.

"You are under arrest for committing perverted actions in a non-adults-only interactive story," said the story cop.

"I had to!" said Fred. "Gremlins are eating my balls! See!" And he turned around and showed his equipment to the policeman... and there are no gremlins on it. All around, he hears little snickering sounds.

The police officer scowled. "You don't understand!" said Fred, sheepishly. "Er...they were there a minute ago. See, they're laughing! Listen!"

"I don't hear anything!" said the police officer. "Obviously, you've gone mad. Take him to the sanitarium," said the story cop. A whole group of story cops burst in and grabbed him.

  1. Fred desparately tries to convince the story cops that he's not insane.
  2. Fred fights off the story cops.
  3. A portal opens and a large, robotic arm reaches out and grabs him
  4. Fred gets taken to be Re-Conditioned.

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1/25/2001 7:44:14 AM

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