Fred: Portrait of a Serial Killer

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3068

Fred ran outside. The lantern holder was the "roommate" of Bert, by the name of One-Eyed Jack. Fred prevented any fleeing on the part of One-Eyed Jack by expertly removing his feet at the ankles.

One-Eyed Jack begged for mercy as he crawled on the sand, but Fred would hear none of it. He just laughed and thrust the sword deep into the heart of the poor fellow.

  1. Fred, who now has a taste for blood, abandons his quest for the Dragon and takes up a new quest: to kill innocents.
  2. Fred ritualisticly dismembers and eats the corpse.
  3. Fred continues on his quest for the Dragon, but makes a note to himself to kill anybody else he might see along the way.
  4. Fred found out he done his job.Just late.

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8/9/1999 1:31:38 PM

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