Killing Innocents

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3523

Fred decided to forget about the dragon and kill innocents.

He prowled the beach for an hour before finding two other people. They were sitting under a dune and kissing.
Fred leapt from the top of the dune and drove his sword straight through the man's head. It plunged out the other end and into the sand. The man twitched and spouted blood. The woman screamed so Fred pulled out his sword and lopped her head off. Whup! The woman ended up screaming for three seconds more. Fred was impressed.
Twenty minutes later Fred found a man digging a small hole. He chased the black clad man for a mile before he threw his sword and impaled him in the abdomen.

After hacking the fleeing man to bits, Fred washed his sword off in the sea and went exploring some more. Ten miles up the beach he found a fishing town. It was locked down tight for the night.
Fred went from house to house, breaking in and cruelly slaughtering the inhabitants. After the tenth house and the fortieth chopped up body, Fred caught sight of himself in a mirror. He was covered from head to toe with gore. And in his left pocket was a hand. He wasn't sure how it got there.

What does Fred do now?

  1. Fred is filled with remorse and turns himself in.
  2. Fred is filled with remose and does himself in.
  3. Fred tosses the hand away and proceeds to kill more innocents.
  4. Fred eats the hand. (Gross!)

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