The Mirror

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3751

Fred has two feelings. One happy, one angry at the other feeling. Then Fred saw a mirror. Fred saw some runic letters, and read it. It said: "Be careful of a person who loves killing people, because his evil turns humans into animals, if the innocent looks in this mirror." At the back, runic letters say: "If Bert, the owner of me is dead, then the dragon, too, is dead." Fred turned around. The dragon fell down. Then a thunderstorm came. Fred ran away, taking a letter with him, and got on the boat. He didn't know whose boat it was, but he did know he took a letter from the selonten with the runic letters. When the boat was at sea, then Fred read the letter:

Dear Fred,
I saw you were transported somewhere. I sent this selktation to you to give this runic code. It is fake. Really, I sent this letter to help you. The dragon is gone to a different place (which is where you are), but something bad is happening. A plague is making our knights into rasiers of some weird creatures. If you are done with slaying the dragon, and reading this on the boat, you will be going back to my time. Hurry! They are killing me, and if you didn't know, I am alive, and I am a human, but not a farmboy. I am a person looking for a job. Bye.
Your Friend.

Fred knew it was Velus who wrote it. It was the part "not a farmboy" which gave it away, and he was right. Suddenly, a warp transported him to where the pokemon plague had begun, but where?

  1. where the journey began. A party was being held for Sir Pikachu, who thought to slay the dragon, and the people start owning pokemon.
  2. After the knigdom fell in ruins, some man named Oak made people love Pokemon.
  3. When Velus turns human, and thought to slay the dragon, and suddenly, people discover pokemon.
  4. When Oak brought pokemon to the city.
  5. The former home of Velus.

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