The Hot Zone

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 3928

Fred found himself transported to where the so-called "Pokemon Plague" began. It was a small hut with a sign outside: Velus, the Barber. Of course, in Fred's time a barber didn't just cut hair. He was a healer, a spiritual adviser, and seller of exotic wares.

Fred entered the hut and encountered an ugly old man wearing a nametag: "Velus." No wonder Velus had pretended to be a farmboy, rather than this hideous thing!

"Greetings, Velus!" said Fred. "I am from the future, and have been transported back in time to help you stop the outbreak of the Pokemon Plague!"

"I see," said Velus. "So, you think that something in this room could be the source of this so-called 'plague'?"

  1. The "Pokemon Monkey" sitting in a cage in the corner.
  2. The well from which Velus drew his water.
  3. The rotting meat sitting on the dinner table.
  4. A dusty book in the corner called "How about an original, non-Nintendo inspired plot, lest we get sued?"

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Sir Paulito

8/22/1999 3:07:43 PM

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