The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2505

Andrea runs for her life.

Fred chows down on Alicia's delicious blood, mindful of his masters last warning.

Varney's flight suddenly is halted by....a rather tall woman dressed in mottled green and brown clothing, holding some type of weapon that's a cross between a pipe and a crossbow.

"What's the meaning of this outrage!!" Varney shouts, fangs showing and eyes aglowing.

Inquirer just blinks. She's still disoriented to suddenly find herself here, where ever that is. Having a human figure with red glowing eyes and fangs isn't a concern for the AI.

She looks over the fuming vampire's shoulder, and sees the unholy sight of Fred the vampire feeding on the prone form of Alicia. She frowns, and shakes her head.

"I hate vampires," she mutters. Then, before the fuming Varney can react, the Golem bursts forward in incredible speed. Varneys yelps of pain and surprise draws the hungry undead Fred to the situation at hand, and nearly makes the undead knight's bloody jaw hit the floor. He leaps to his creators aid....and the battle is joined!

  1. Unfortunately, this was only a death dream for Alicia as the last part of her blood is drawn in by her "husband" and then.....his blood enters into her viens.....
  2. Much to both sides surprise, neither one can seriously injure the other....until.....
  3. They trade blows, and find it a standoff until....a bright light shines upon them all!

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