Strange Knight

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2536

The undead monsters continued to fight with the half-living machine. Fang bit into elastic flesh and nail dug into electrified wire, metallic limbs jabbed at dead bone and computerized weaponry shot out at lifeless muscle. Finally the Master thought of a new plan: "Retreat!" it screamed. Oddly, both the undead Fred and the living machine stopped fighting and stared at the Master. The Master took its chance and with lightning speed it flew at the computerized freak and ripped it's head off! With a loud crackling and spray of electrical spark the hi-tech machinery dropped to the stone floor, lifeless at last.

The Master and Fred looked at the thing with anger and thanksgiving and awe. They were completely confused - it didn't have blood, it didn't have bones, it had steel like a knight's armor and it burned like a torch. Whatever magic made this thing must be very powerful. Then they remembered what they had been doing. With a fearful glance at the dead thing Fred returned to the two corpses while the Master flew after the other maiden who by now had a big head start.

  1. The Master runs down the southern passages chasing the smell of blood, sweat and tears.
  2. The Master detours up a rarely-used duct hoping to find the maiden without gaining the attention of the other underworld 'clans'.

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7/2/1999 10:03:19 PM

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