I am Legion.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2538

Fred's head whips around as Varney gives off a muffled scream of surprise and outrage. Somehow, someway, it seems that this creature that they had just managed to kill.....brought friends.

One of them looks like.....

"No," Varney whispers in horror, glancing back at the mangled pile what was once a human looking creature. He looks back, fright evident in his pale face.....that's gone a few shades paler.

"Hi!" chirps Inquirer. "Remember me? I sure as Hell remember you, Fangs!" The Golem's eyes turn crimson as a....cold smile plaster itself on "her" face.

A "man" dressed in a similar outfit as the "woman" chuckles and shakes his head ruefully.

"It is ironic," he chuckles. "That those who feed on the blood of human beings would have to kill the LAST living human beings on this worlds?!

"You my friends, are SOL!" the man says, jabbing a finger at the vampires. "There are NO more humans alive on this world. NONE! And I guess we have the Lizards to thank for that!"

A breeze just happens to chose that time to come gushing in. Even Varney, in his undead state, notices how bone numbingly cold it is!

"That last missile had...just HAD to get off that last spray of nukes," sighs the male Golem. "It incinerated the city of Panaras, and that....Pack within. At least they didn't suffer."

"Which is more than I can say for you two jokers," chuckles Inquirer. "That last set of blasts was just enough....for nuclear winter to set in. Those millions upon million of acres of jungle burning......and other thingss like natural tar pools was just the trick to blanket this planet in a sufficating cloud of smoke and ash. NO light shine out there, folks. It's noontime, and it's like twilight."

"The ecosystem collapsed," another Golem says. "Bringing about the collapse of what remained of humanity. And we....can't evac them because the Phage....With no light, no food for humans....for anything, no life remains. No blood."

"I'm not going to kill you," chuckles the Avatar controlled by an AI thousands of miles above the world. "I tried to at least save your victims, though I probably should have just killed them....because it's kinder."

"We won't be back," says the leader of the AIs. "And as soon as the last one of you blood sucking parasites dies from hunger, this world is going to have it's atmosphere burned away! We're going to burn this world to even the oceans are just clouds of steam!"

"If WE can't have this world," mutters Probe grimly. "Then the Enemy shall not have it either. At least NOW with the death of all the people, we can take this course of action!"

As a unit, the humanoid golems collapse like puppets with their string cut.

Fred looks at Varney in fear as they gaze out a side tunnel.....and see a gentle fall of snow....of ashes blow in.

Days later, driven insane by hunger, the vampires fall on each ohter trying to rip life giving blood that neither have.

A week later, the sudden blast of bright light and heat finishes off the undead remains....of what was human.

  1. Snow and fire....ashes to ashes....to vaporized dust!

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