Sole Survivor

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2235

The woman ran from the grisly horrors of that dark room with a silent scream frozen between her trembling lips. Down the corridor she dashed, into the cavernous main hall and then through the opening of an eerily mysterious passageway. But then, ALL the passageways were mysterious and fraught with unknown peril.

Varney looked up as she sped from the room and dropped Astra's near dead body to the floor. Fred continued to suck on his bloody prize, the barely breathing form of the exotically beautiful Alicia. The blood filled his mouth and coursed through his dead grey veins. Her heart-beat was like a macabre symphony in his mind, who's crescendo would be reached not in some penultimate frenzy of sound and fury but rather in the gradual ebbing of its strength and vitality until finally it stopped, receding into and being filled by the ancient magnificence of silence and death.

Varney smiled as he gazed down on his unholy acolyte. He waited a moment more, giving the one remaining girl a head start before he hunted her down. It had been far too long since he had felt the thrill of the chase; he wanted to make this next kill give him more than just the satisfaction of a meal. "Don't take all of her," Varney warned, as Fred drained Alicia's brown body. "Before their hearts sound their final beat they must feed on your blood. Only then shall they rise up and join us." Fred nodded and Varney flew from the room.

  1. Andrea runs for her life

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