The worst!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 166

Fred is chained to a wall. A milk man walks in and looks at fred. Fred starts to sweat. The milk man looks at the expiration date on the carton. "Ooooooooo.....This went bad 5 years ago..." The milk man says. Fred starts screaming as the milk is forced into his mouth and drunk. After the long drink, Fred passes out....When he wakes, he finds that he has been moved. Also, Someone is sitting next to him! He then relizes that

  1. In a Coffee lounge with Howard Stern
  2. In an author meeting with All the autors from ADDVENTURE
  3. With Stone Cold Steve Austin at a wresteling match
  4. With Pikachu in a field
  5. With the king at the castel
  6. With Link at Hyrule
  7. With indiana Jones in a blimp
  8. With ME at a disscussion board about ADDVENTURE and SIR-TOBY
  9. With Dilbert in a cubical
  10. More choices
  11. Fred shakes his head and realizes he is middle earth

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2/17/1999 5:42:17 PM

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