The Legend of...Fred?!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 641

"Ah, there you are!" said a voice from above Fred. "I was wondering when you were ever going to wake up! Are you all right? You hit your head rather hard, you know."
Fred sat up groggily to find himself looking into the sharp, pointed countenance of a young Elf boy. He was about 16, gangly but short in the manner of his kind, with large pointed ears, long, shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and a green-and-brown outfit with a floppy hat, short tunic, and high boots among other things. And he looked vaguely familiar...
"Where am I?" he asked weakly. "Who are you?"
"You don't know?!" laughed the lad. "You're in Hyrule, of course. Just inside the Tantari desert. You banged your head on a rock when a Leever (Author's note: Those are those red-and-blue sorta crystaly-looking monsters that pop up suddenly from the sand) tripped you, and here we are. I'm Link, and we're on a quest to kill the evil Gannon and recover the lost Triforce of Power! And put the pieces of the broken Triforce of Wisdom back together while we're at it."
"No, I'm not," said Fred, emphatically. "I'm on a quest to kill the Evil Dragon! What am I doing in Hyrule?! And wait a minute--I know this game! Aren't you also supposed to be rescuing Princess Zelda, too?"
"Nope," said Link. "In this alternate universe, she escaped the dungeon and is travelling with me as a fellow questor. She's a MEAN shot with a bow!"
Fred shook his head and decided to:

  1. ...go along with Link and Zelda on their quest.
  2. ...go chat up Zelda, she was a knockout even if she WAS only 4 feet tall and had those weird ears...
  3. ...go off alone at random through Hyrule, looking for a way to teleport back to his OWN kingdom.
  4. ...scream and bang his head against the ground with frustration.

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