Meeting With Addventure Authors

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 637

Fred comes around. He is sitting on a small chair on a stage. He is in a huge auditorium. The floor spreads up and away from him, giving each seat a clear view of the stage. A tiered balcony hangs above the back half. Decorative banners portraying action scenes line the wall. Light comes from some well placed lamps and multiple sun roofs.
Each seat has an entity on it. These are Addventure Authors. Each seat has a head seat for it. These allow each person to communicate with the whole group. Fred realizes he shouldn't know these things but he does.
On stage with him is a podium and six chairs to his right. Standing at the podium is a man with oriental features. He is speaking to the group.
"Hi, I'm Scott." whispers the man to his immedate right. Fred dully shakes hands.
"You probably don't know this," Scott continues. "but we're the stars of various on-line interactive adventures. We're here to teach these Addventure authors a thing or two about creating bigger and better episodes."
Scott turns slightly. "This here's 'You', star of Game 2 Addventure. There's 'You', star of Game 1. That is Brian The Confused Mail Clerk. That's 'You' of Gav And Peloso past him and the last person is Commander Chakotay of the Starship Voyager. He's a rookie and he's here mainly to learn how to be a main character, if they ever let him be a main character."
"It is a pleasure to meet you all," Fred continues, making sure to whisper. "But I do have a quest."
"Oh, don't worry about that," says the Gav You. "Here they don't matter. Once you leave this auditorium, you'll be right back at doing what you're supposed to be doing."

  1. Fred leaves.
  2. Fred gives a short lecture on staying on-topic.
  3. Fred and the others decide to become the main character of each other's games!
  4. Fred leads a revolt, capture the game's creators. Their demands? Cushier exsistences.
  5. Fred leaps off the stage and uses his sword to slay multiple Addventure authors.

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